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Tip of the Week: Unfollow Someone on Facebook Instead of Unfriending Them

Tip of the Week: Unfollow Someone on Facebook Instead of Unfriending Them

Social media can be remarkably overstimulating, and for some users this is a problem which is difficult to navigate without giving it up entirely. If you want a nice middle-ground to terminating your account entirely, you can instead curate your news feed by unfollowing accounts that don’t enrich your day. Let’s go over how you can do this.

Unfollowing vs Unfriending

First, it’s important to distinguish between the two actions. Unfollowing is different from unfriending. The latter is reserved for only those who you wish to remove entirely from your feed. The Unfollow feature is more for staying connected, but without the constant updates in your news feed. So, unless you’re interested in removing your virtual connection to an account entirely, the Unfollow option will be the preferred choice.

Unfollow a Friend or Page

You can unfollow a friend or a page with relative ease. All you have to do is navigate to the top of the profile to find the blue button. It should say Following. If you click that button, you’ll see options, one of which is Unfollow. Once you click the option, the process will complete.

If you’re using the mobile application, the feature works the same way. Look for the Following button, tap it, and select the appropriate response.

If you see something in your news feed that you would prefer to never see again, you can unfollow someone directly from there, too. You just click the ellipsis button and select the option to Unfollow that user.

If you’d rather just keep your social media activity to a minimum while in the workplace rather than simply curating your feed, you can do that through the use of a web content blocker. This will keep time wasted by your employees to a minimum while they are at work.

If you’d rather not block certain websites from all employees, then you also have that capability. You can receive insights into how your team uses these websites and restrict access according to what you feel is necessary. It’s great for maintaining productivity without being overly restrictive for all.

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